What types of payments do you accept?


Email Transfers

Some E-Gift Cards

Regular Deposits In Bank


Credit Cards


Apple Pay

International Wire Transfer

Western Union



Cash in large bills if I already know you, if we are friends and have an established connection.




When do you expect payment?


If I come to you please have the tribute paid 3 hours before for same day appointments.  If you are already my friend? You know how it works. Once in person, unsealed envelope placed on the desk or table is best. I will discreetly tuck it away before we begin.


I won’t do it if you are a first time date.


That’s why deposit or Prepayment is mandatory for all first timers. If you are coming to visit me, please set the deposit or payment 3 hours before. If the date will last longer than 3 hours, If that is the case it is expected within from 3 to 24 hours of confirming our meeting.


Can we meet for coffee or a drink to get to know each other first?


We can meet in a social setting however my normal fee for that time applies. I will ask that you provide me the deposit and the rest in an envelope or gift bag with the remaining inside immediately upon meeting. If you are nervous please know that I am very easy to get along with and will do everything I can to make you feel comfortable.


Do you travel to my city?


If you are within a 2-3 hour drive of where I am, I will require a 4 hour minimum booking to meet with you. If you are within a 1 hour flight, I will also meet with you with only a 4 hour minimum but travel expenses in addition to the 4hrs rate. 


Of course these meetings will require a deposit/prepayment option since I will be traveling to meet with you. If you are looking for a specific city you can send a booking request for me come to your city.


Do you see couples/women?


Absolutely! I love to meet with couples or women alone. In order for this to happen I do need to screen both parties for me to feel safe. Also, this has to be the ladies idea/wish as much as the man. If this is a pressure situation it won’t be fun for any of us. For couples please add 50% to any booking fee.


I don’t like forms, can I call you instead?


I prefer initial contact via my form or email. If I had my phone number posted publicly it would not allow me any type of normal life nor would I be able to screen out suitors that I am not compatible with. What I do have is an email address that I can email you back from that is not found anywhere on the Internet. When you fill out my form, you can either fill in your work address and be clear that you need me to write to you from the discreet email address or spend 5 minutes and sign up for hushmail/gmail or such free email service. 


Alternately you can type some fake email addy in and explain in the written area why you need this extreme privacy of a call instead of email. If it says "call me" I will ignore it. I am familiar with NDA’s and have no problem with signing them for those in the public eye who require that sort of privacy.


Where can I find reviews of you?


I have a zero review policy. I believe that intimate encounters require the utmost discretion. I prefer our time to unfold organically and not to be led by acronyms and predefined expectations, I hope you feel the same. 


I do not see hobbyists. I have been constantly harrassed by them. I have had fake revews posted.


Hobbyists are no suitors I would see.


If you don’t know what that means, be grateful!


How do I book an appointment with you?


Please decide, date, time, length of the appointment. Where? My place or yours? After use my Webform Page. Make sure to provide all the information and please be trustwothy, otherwise I can not book any appointment.


Do you “Party”?


Please do not even mention any kind of substance.


I don’t.


I won’t.


I never did.


I never will.


And If you do, we are not a fit.